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Book #4 of the "Texas Twins" series.
A Little Boy's Hero. When big-city cop Grayson Wallace visits an elementary school for career day, he finds his heartstrings unexpectedly tugged by a six-year-old fatherless boy. Gray offers to mentor the child, but widowed mother Elise Lopez wants nothing to do with men in uniform. Now he can't get the struggling Lopezes off his mind. All he can think about is what family means-especially after discovering the identical twin brother he hadn't known he had in Grasslands. Maybe a trip to ranch country is just what he, Elise and little Cory need. ISBN: 978-0-373-87770-6
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The Last Person She Expected To See...
Her old college crush in Canyon Springs! When Olivia Diaz promised her parents she'd manage their mountain cabin resort for the summer, she thought she'd find some direction for her life. She didn't expect to be working side by side with Rob McGuire. Rob's as handsome-and as guarded-as ever. Can free spirit Olivia get him to open up about his life, his faith... his mysterious past? Because the more time they spend together, the more Olivia realizes Rob could be Mr. Forever. 
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Finding Her Way Home . . .
As soon as she got married and moved to her husband's hometown, Sandi Bradshaw wanted nothing more than to move out of Canyon Springs, Arizona. Then everything changed when her army husband was killed in action. Now, establishing a veteran's memorial for him has brought Sandi face-to-face with the man who'd stood in the way of her marriage. Ex-military man Bryce Harding has a lot to prove to this hometown crowd--and the very stubborn Sandi. But can they embrace the possibility that God might be giving them a chance at love? ISBN: 978-0-373-87690-7
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Never Trust a Cowboy.
That's what Kara Dixon's mother always warned her. Back home in Canyon Springs, Arizona, to care for her ailing mom, Kara comes face-to-face with rodeo cowboy Trey Kenton. Her former flame--and one-time bad-boy--is finally ready to settle down and start a family, and he's got his heart set on Kara. But she's determined to head back to her big-city life in Chicago once her mother's on the mend. Can the charming cowboy convince her to trust him and give their love a second chance? ISBN: 0-373-97654-9
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Award winning ~ DREAMING OF HOME (# 1) 
A Man On A Mission.
Fresh out of the military, widower Joe Diaz is determined to raise his young son alone. But his next door neighbor Meg McGuire has set her sights on the same house--and teaching job--as Joe! He's all about family now, not romantic entanglements and he won't give up without a fight. But what about little Davy, who's growing more and more attached to Miss Meg every day? Or Joe, who finds himself dreaming of a home and family with the one woman in town who could take it all away? ISBN: 989-0-87558-0

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